Nolah Mattress Consumer Reports – Our Nolah Mattress Review & Pricing

Are you trying to find an all-foam mattress model that provides you the advantages of memory foam without the drawbacks? The Nolah Original mattress model might be right up your street. Nolah Mattress Consumer Reports

Our Nolah Original mattress evaluation will take a close take a look at its Construction, firmness, and total performance. By the end of this evaluation, you will know if this comfy mattress model is the right suitable for you!

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Nolah Original Mattress Overview

Nolah is an online, direct-to-consumer seller of bed-a-box-mattresses that has had excellent success on the market. The Nolah Original Mattress utilizes proprietary foam, AirFoam, which has some extremely interesting residential or commercial properties. It is instantly responsive, eliminates pressure very well, and is likewise developed to keep people sleeping cool.

Nolah Mattress model is advertised as selling for a third of the rate of in-store memory foam mattress models.

The marketing messages all sound great, but you need to know how the mattress model will work for you.


Who Might Like The Nolah Original?

  • Side sleepers
  • Those who desire a resilient mattress for a value price.
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers. The Nolah Original provides pressure relief for people weighing up to 230 pounds despite their favored sleep position.
  • Shoppers on a spending plan. The Nolah Original’s mid-range price-point and excellent pressure relief make it a high-value pick.
  • Couples and co-sleepers. The Nolah Original limits most movement transfer and is practically silent. That suggests sleepers are less most likely to unintentionally wake each other as they alter sleep positions.


Nolah Mattress Video Review

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Construction: What’s Inside Nolah?

Nolah Mattress Consumer Reports



The Nolah Original mattress is an all-foam mattress model based upon the latest advances in innovation. It is made to be placed on a flat surface area, such as a platform, box spring, floor, or carefully slatted bed.

The mattress is covered in an upgraded snow-white Tencel �”� cover that uses a soft feel to the touch. The cover is of botanical origin that helps it to wick away moisture from the body and regulate temperature.

Under the cover, three foam layers comprise the bed’s 10-inch height.

The top layer is made from 2-inch proprietary Nolah AirFoam �”�. Similar beds on the market are made with latex and memory foam, which the company claims are dated products from the 1920s and 1970s, respectively. Their technological research and innovations led to the development of the exclusive material, which they state sleeps cooler than memory foam instilled with cooling gel. It is designed to be 100 percent temperature neutral. In addition, the brand name says that it is more resilient than latex.

The 2nd layer includes 1-inch latex-like support foam. This works as a transition layer from the top down layer.

The 3rd layeris a 7-inch high-density polyurethane base. This sturdy level provides the support and structure of the mattress. Its thickness and density aid to level the softness of the leading 2 layers.


First Impression: How Does It Feel?

A medium-level firmness suggests that the majority of positions need to feel supported and take pleasure in a comfortable night’s rest. This level of firmness has terrific pressure relief and support, making it great for nearly anybody, in addition to couples with varying needs.

While pushing into the top of the Nolah Original, you will feel the soft Tencel �”� cover and the 2-inch foam layer. The experience resembles memory foam in feel. The mattress’ responsiveness when pushing into it and launching is in the middle of traditional slow memory foam and the quick elasticity of latex.

Nolah mattresses are a little less firm than others on the market. It will get softer in time, so keep that in mind when buying or making the most of the trial duration.


Pressure Relief

Ever gotten up with more pains and discomforts than you went to sleep with? You require a comfortable mattress model that takes the pressure off your shoulders literally. Side sleepers particularly struggle in this area, as the hips and shoulders tend to dig into the bed and can push your body in an uneasy position.

Nolah mattress model holds absolutely nothing back in terms of pressure relief. The leading layer is made of the business’s exclusive Nolah AirFoam �”�, which is soft, durable, and malleable. The products should comply with your body so that you will feel carefully nestled however not sink down up until now that you are sleeping inside the bed.


Outstanding Responsiveness

Have you ever discovered it hard to move on a mattress model? This is normal of traditional memory foam mattresses that deeply hug the body. Because a lot of mattresses today have thick foam layers, we test every mattress for its responsiveness, which is how quickly a mattress model responds to your motions. The more responsive, the easier it is to move and get comfy.

During our responsiveness test, our mattress experts take turns resting on the mattress model and switching sleeping positions. They rate the bed on a 1 to 10 scale for how simple it was to move and how quickly they settled into the new position.

The Nolah made an excellent 9.25/ 10, making it among the most responsive all-foam mattress models that we’ve tested. This is great news for mix sleepers who tend to move around a lot in the evening.


Fantastic Spinal Alignment

Proper posture isn’t just crucial during the day. In the evening, a mattress requires to provide the correct amount of support and contouring to keep the spinal column properly aligned.

To see how well a mattress supports healthy spine positioning, we have our sleep testers lie on their sides. We then take a close-up picture of their backs. What we wish to see is a straight spinal column from base to idea.

Have a look at the spinal column alignment images listed below. Both of our sleep topics had spines that were almost perfectly aligned, earning the Nolah mattress a 9.5/ 10 for spine positioning. People with pain in the back require a bed that keeps their backs aligned to assist relieve pains and discomforts.


Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

Movement seclusion is the mattress model’s capability to keep movement included near to the source. If you sleep with a restless partner or someone who has a various sleep schedule than you and gets in and out of bed regularly, minimizing motion transfer though great movement seclusion is key.

Without great movement isolation, you’ll be gotten up when your partner gets in and out of bed or if they toss and turn.

The Nolah original and minimal are the very best. Plain and easy. We’ve tested A LOT of mattress models because beginning The Sleep Shop, and none of them have actually had the ability to seclusion movement as the Nolah original and minimal has.

As you can see in the gif listed below, there’s nearly no motion transfer so if you sleep with a partner, you will not disrupt each other. However, this may make sex on the nolah initial or nolah minimal less bouncy.



When you go with an all-foam bed rather than a hybrid or innerspring, you’re going to sacrifice some bounce. Whether that’s excellent news or bad news is up to individual choice.

For being an all-foam mattress model, the Nolah initial and minimal still had a little bounce. This indicates you will not feel stuck or have trouble getting in and out of bed, however do not anticipate it to seem like a traditional innerspring mattress due to the fact that it does not.



We did observe some initial off-gassing from the Nolah Original, however this dissipated within 48 hours.


Sleeping Positions

Back Sleepers:

Our 200-lb. tester felt well support on his back, with hips sinking in just enough, while the mattress rose to support his lumbar area. And we felt that back sleepers of a large range of sizes and weights would have a similar experience. We did question support for those substantially much heavier than our tester, who might feel better supported on the Nolah Signature 12″ bed, which has some additional memory foam.

Side Sleepers:

We were specifically excited to test the Nolah bed while side sleeping considering that this mattress is particularly marketed to side sleepers. We found it lived up to its claims. Our tester felt well supported, with hips and shoulders sinking into the mattress model’s comfort layers to produce a straight spine. Once again, we did feel that very heavy side sleepers would do better with the Nolah Signature mattress model, which has another inch of memory foam to much better take in heavier individuals.

Stomach Sleepers:

For stomach sleeping, our tester likewise felt well supported on the Nolah bed, once more, we felt that much heavier individuals may sink too far through the soft foams of the bed, producing a hammocking result. If you are a heavier individual (250 pounds.+) that sleeps generally on your stomach, a hybrid bed or taken coil mattress model might be a more helpful choice than an all-foam mattress like either Nolah bed.


How Much Does a Nolah Original Mattress Cost?

Costs revealed are list prices.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ x 15″ $649
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 15″ $799
Full 54″ x “75” x 15″ $899
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 15″ $1,149
King 76″ x 80″ x 15″ $1,249
Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 15″ $1,249

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Trial Period & Warranty

The Nolah mattress has a 120-night sleep trial period. This is a bit longer than lots of other online mattress companies provide. This ought to use you lots of time to try the mattress model and decide if it’s for you. If for some reason it does not work out the company will quickly accommodate returns.

This mattress likewise has a minimal lifetime warranty. This again is above the basic industry average. It likewise shows that they genuinely support their mattress model if they want to go above and beyond to service warranty it for a few more years than many rivals.

We hope you’ve taken pleasure in out Nolah 10 ″ Mattress Model Reveiw. If you are searching for more specifics for the Nolah trial duration or service warranty learn more at

Or for a practical tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

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How Does The Nolah Original Compare To Other Mattresses?

If you’re taking a look at the Nolah Original mattress, you may would like to know how it compares to other appropriate mattresses.

Keep reading to do a little comparison shopping!

Nolah Original vs. Casper Original

The Nolah and Casper are both all-foam mattress models, but they still have their Construction and materials distinctions. The main difference can be found in Casper’s 2nd layer. The Casper includes a layer of zoned memory foam that is firmer toward the center and softer toward the head and foot of the mattress. This makes the mattress feel firmer and more helpful when you are back and stomach sleeping and softer when you are side sleeping.

That being stated, in general, the Nolah Original is softer than the Casper mattress model. With regard to feel, they both have a responsive, balanced foam feel. This makes it easy to move on both mattress models.

These mattresses differ a bit when it pertains to rate: A Queen-size Nolah Original costs $1,049 at complete cost, while the same size Casper Original costs $1,095.

Who Should Get The Nolah Original?

  • Side sleepers
  • Those who like a softer mattress model

Who Should Get The Casper Original?

  • Back sleepers
  • Combo sleepers

Nolah Vs. Purple

The Nolah and Purple are both popular bed in a box mattresses, however they are rather various. Off, looking at their Construction, they feature various materials in their comfort layer. The Nolah features an exclusive AirFoam that is soft and responsive. The Purple includes a distinct Purple Grid that is made from a hyper-elastic gel polymer.

While they are both responsive mattresses, their feels are somewhat different. The Nolah has more of a balanced foam feel, and the Purple has a squishy, gel-like feel. The Nolah is also a little softer than the Purple mattress.

The Nolah and Purple are really close in rate. To learn more, read our complete Nolah vs. Purple mattress contrast

Who Should Get The Nolah?

  • Side sleepers
  • Fans of softer mattresses
  • Lightweight sleepers

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Heavier individuals
  • Those who need more support
  • Hot sleepers


Should You Buy Nolah Original?

The Nolah Original 10″ mattress is a premium all-foam mattress. Its medium-firm feel is the favored firmness of the average sleeper, and it works well for every sleeping position. Thanks to Nolah’s AirFoam, the mattress is both responsive and cool when compared to the average all- foam bed.

In the Mattress Lab, the Nolah mastered the majority of our tests and examinations. When it pertains to its efficiency, it made an 8/10 or greater in our movement transfer, edge support, spine positioning, responsiveness, and cooling assessments. Combined, these scores tell us that the Nolah is a good choice for couples, people with neck and back pain, hot sleepers, and those who toss and turn.

There is one group of individuals for whom the Nolah Original isn’t the very best mattress heavier individuals. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you ought to search for a more encouraging, durable mattress model. An all-foam mattress that’s exceptional for plus-size people is the Plank mattress model by Brooklyn Bedding.


What Are People Saying Who Love Their Nolah Mattress Model?

It appears that overwhelmingly, across numerous platforms (not just the Nolah website), individuals truly enjoy their Nolah mattresses. From reading as lots of Nolah Mattress model Reviews as I could discover throughout the whole of the web, the overwhelming majority of people who have actually purchased a Nolah mattress would concur that it is an excellent value mattress that works very well for side sleepers.

Here’s a selection of some of their remarks:

” This mattress model has greatly lessened the discomfort I used to get in my shoulder at night, and I’m sleeping a lot better than in the past.”.

” This mattress is better than I anticipated, and Nolah have excellent service.”.

” I’m utilized to a company mattress model and the softness of the Nolah took me a little bit of getting used to. The softness does not imply I’m any less supported. I feel extremely comfy on my Nolah mattress, and get a good night’s sleep.”.

” We were skeptical about buying a mattress online, but Nolah had such excellent reviews, especially for side sleepers, we chose to try. We are so pleased we did! We discover Nolah has the perfect mix of softness on the top, with firmness for support. Pressure point locations like hips and shoulders are accommodated nicely.”.

I’m a side sleeper so I decided to attempt Nolah after checking out the evaluations. I was stressed it might be too soft, but it’s in fact the right combination of helpful AND soft. I likewise feel comfortable sleeping on my mattress model on my back.”.

” I waited 3 months before leaving this review, and can say the mattress model feels truly good when I push it.”.

” We adore ours. It’s encouraging, cool, and takes the pressure off our shoulders.”.

” My future husband used to have back pain, which has gone because we changed our mattress model to Nolah. I’m an extremely hot sleeper however this mattress keeps me at the perfect temperature.”.

” This mattress is far more comfy than my previous one. I no longer get up with discomfort from pressure points throughout the night.”.


Nolah Original Mattress Model- Value

They priced this mattress model at $1019 for a queen which is a terrific cost for the quality and development of this well-crafted bed.

It likewise comes with free shipping and an excellent 120-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty.

What makes it an even much better worth is the fact that you can get an extra $125 off simply by using the voucher code discovered here when acquiring.

To shop and minimize the Nolah mattress model go to:



The Nolah Original 10″ Mattress Mattress model might be good for you if …

You like a medium feeling mattress model that provides the feel of memory foam with 4x much better pressure relief and cooling residential or commercial properties.

You are a side sleeper and like a mattress model that has a lot of support but also permits perfect comfort and contour for your hip and shoulder to sink in.

You like a business that not only has a higher than average guarantee and trial, however also returns and for every mattress offered makes a contribution to the Defenders of Wildlife.

You want a mattress model that won’t fume, has fantastic adaptable comfort and is available in at an excellent rate point. Nolah Mattress Consumer Reports

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Nolah Mattress Consumer Reports

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