Locating Leaks in Your Air Mattress

When it comes to convenience, flexibility, and easy storage, air mattresses have an edge over any other types of mattresses. One of the drawbacks that an air mattress has, it may be having leaks. Even a single and tiny leak on your mattress is capable of letting you sleep flat on your floor by the time you wake up. While it is important to find any and all leaks on an air mattress, doing the task, however, is easier said than done. You need not to call and pay for a professional air mattress service for that matter. There are easy ways you can do it. Take note of the following:

Remove Beddings and Sheets that Wrap your Air Mattress

It will be impossible for you to locate the tiny leak on your mattress if it is still covered by beddings and other mattress sheets. Remove all of them until the air mattress alone remains.

Re-inflate the Mattress with Much Air

If your mattress has leaks, it would turn significantly looser. In this case, you will have to re-inflate it with much air. Bear in mind, however, that you should stop filling it in with air before it bursts.

Fill the Surface with Dish Soap

Most people tend to feel if there are any leaks in their air mattress by feeling the air leaks through their palms. This applies to larger holes but not in tiny leaks. The best way to figure out if your air mattress is leaking is to fill its surface with dish soap. You may put the solution into a spray bottle or lather it on the surface of the mattress. Start finding leaks on your mattress. If there is leak in this area, you will observe that bubbles will form. This is due to the escaping air in the area. If there is no bubbling after you have filled it with the dish soap, it is safe to conclude that the problem is not in this portion. It is somewhere else around the air mattress. In this case, the next thing to do is to fill the entire mattress with the soapy substance.

Listen Closely to the Mattress for Any Leak Sounds

In case you solely want to use your dish soap for cleaning your dishes or you simply don’t want the mess of filling the soapy substance onto you mattress, you can find if there are any leaks in it by listening. This is one of the most basic yet effective ways to locate air mattress leaks. All you have to do is to put pressure against the mattress using your hands and then listen closely for hissing sound. Move along the entire surface (with your ear close to the mattress) until you’ve found all possible leaks. There are chances that you might find the same spot twice. To avoid this, blot each leaking area with a marker. Do the process repeatedly until you are sure that you’ve found all possible leaks.

You spent your money for an air mattress to have a comfortable sleep. This won’t happen when your mattress has leaks. Follow these suggestions and have the best rest treats on your air mattress.

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