Is Air Mattress Safe?

Parents will usually face various types of worries and problems when it comes to health, safety, and security of their children. As a result, most of the parents put the additional time in understanding the ways of childproofing their homes like installing baby gates, covers for the electric outlets, and the safety of the mattress. The typical adult would possibly spend eight hours of sleep every day. On the other hand, children who are three years old and above can sleep more than 10 hours every day. This is one reason why the air mattresses are safe for use.

There has been a prototype testing of the mattresses and its pads including the ignition of cigarette resistance, wherein more than 18 cigarettes were utilized for the material testing for flammability. The matches and the open flame were also part of the conducted test. Those that mattresses that successfully pass the test requirement were labeled with “T” having an instruction to avoid the reduction of the properties of the mattress for fire resistance. The regulation regarding the material usage for the air mattresses and the products of the same nature aims to prevent more than a hundred deaths and over thousands of fire related issues every year.

The good thing is that, if you are or you have a child that is chemically sensitive, the prescription of the physicians can provide the manufacturer of the mattresses to create custom-designed mattresses that do not contain a fire protection. However, it is known that this is a costly route. The standard solution that was cited is to take natural materials that are fire resistant. The wool material for making a mattress is inflexible; therefore, the comfort is being a sacrifice in providing the ability of the bed to fit the body.

If the mattress was made in multi-layer, the result might be dramatic in support and feel. A single or more layers that are soft can cover more than one firm layers that can provide a great feel of comfort using the right support. The layering of the bonding uses noxious chemicals such as ammonia and some dangerous air pollutants. But, this should not create worries for you since there are some that are fully water based and the solvent used are certified by the GreenGuard for both the air and indoor quality.

In totality, there are types of air mattresses that are fire protected having non-toxic chemicals on the materials and takes the high level of products that relieve the worries of the parents and those people that are chemically sensitive. The demand of the consumers for better and safer air mattresses and other types of mattresses is the top priority of the manufacturers to present an environment-friendly product solution that will become ecologically sustainable for the long process. The use of the air mattresses for your child needs can be utilized without giving you significant problems.

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