Feel the Comfort of Air Mattress

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Air mattress is widely used as an alternative to the traditional and distressing metal springs. That’s why if you want to avoid waking up complaining about back pain, you should consider using air mattress. This can support your body according to its shape. Unlike sleeping on coil mattress, using air mattress can eliminate the occurrence of misalignment of the spine and reduce the pressure. This makes sense of choosing the appropriate type of mattress that would not impede the curve of the spine.

Types of Air Mattress

  • Inflatable air mattresses – This type of air mattress is inflated manually. This is the most common, yet it’s also the most expensive. If you’ll buy this air mattress it comes with electric pump that can be used in inflating it.
  • Self-Inflatable air mattresses – This air mattress is made of material that is puncture resistant and with cell foam in between. This type of mattress is heavier due to the additional layer and it also offers adequate insulation. It features intake valve that allows inflating on its own and in adjusting the air.
  • Sleeping pads – As compared to the inflatable air mattress, the sleeping pads are narrower. It’s made of foam making it more comfortable to sleep. Likewise, the thermal layer beneath provides warmth. The sleeping pads are not thick and heavy that’s why it’s ideal to bring along and ensures convenient transport.

Features of Air Mattresses

Convenient – Air mattresses are easy and convenient to bring along. That’s why it’s highly preferred for camping trips. Deflating the mattress makes it lighter and inflating it can be done in just a short time by using the pump.

Materials – It’s essential to pay attention on the materials of the air mattress. Usually, this type of mattress is made of rubber, PVC or nylon. Both rubber and PVC are elastic that’s why you can expect that the mattress will last longer and puncture resistant. Other air mattresses have layer of memory foam that gives additional comfort on the sleeping surface.

Pumps – The pumps can be bought separately, while other mattresses have pump attached on it. Inflating it with manual pump can be exhausting, thus inflating it with electric pumps can make the process a lot easier. You can also consider using battery operated pump so that you need not use for electric outlets. This is ideal if you’ll be using the air mattress during camping.

The air mattresses can be used for both indoor and outdoor. This is perfect if you don’t have enough bed for overnight guests. However, make sure to look for air mattress that is not easily worn out even during frequent use. You should also consider the size particularly if you’ll be using it inside a tent or in a room with limited space. In terms of storage, it can be easily kept when not in use and it doesn’t need much space. Though an air mattress is costly, but you can still find one that is cheaper and affordable. All you have to do is to research thoroughly.

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