Best Air Mattress Reviews

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Basically, the best part of buying an air mattress is the comfort it gives. That is why it is best to look for the best. This kind of bed is also available in wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Therefore, you need to be very careful in purchasing one. To help you out, read the following buyers guide to make sure that you will get the best air beds.


In general, there are some parts of an air mattress. For instance, for primary air mattresses, it comes with a pump and the mattress. Regarding the composition of the mattress, it is typically designed using high-quality materials such as PVC, urethane, and vinyl. You can also consider having an air bed that is made of natural rubber which provides extra comfort during sleep.

The air mattress is ideally used for budget sleeping. Another good point about air beds, as the name itself implies, is that you can inflate and deflate them just seconds. This is the reason why they are also the best choice for those who are in need of instant bed in short notice


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Air beds come in several sizes. Just in case you are not aware, air beds come with the same size as compared to those of traditional beds. You might want to consider choosing between twin size and full double sizes. Of course, the king size and queen size are also both available in the market.

Sleeping Style

What is unusual about air mattresses is that they are versatile. Depending on your sleeping style, you are able o to adjust the bed to match to your needs. It is critical to determine your style in sleeping as it seems that no single air bed can accommodate all sorts of sleeping style.

Meanwhile, here are guides in choosing the best air mattress that would fit your particular sleeping style.

Back Sleepers

For those who are back sleepers, the rule of a thumb is to opt for the firm. Keep in mind that plain hard is quite different from a firm. In looking for a firm air bed, you have to choose that comes with sufficient resistance in order to keep the spine straight while you are sleeping. Also, do take note that beds that are incredibly soft are not efficient in supporting your spine. As such, a firm mattress is the best option for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, there is a need for you to consider air mattresses that are not as firm compared to those of back sleepers. However, it does not imply that you have to choose air beds that are very soft. Instead, you have to look for an air bed that provides support to natural curves and bumps of side sleepers. With this, experts recommend that you use pillow stuck between the legs when you sleep on your side. What is the purpose of this? This is to prevent the pelvis from rotating and at the same time keeping proper alignment of the spine.

Stomach Sleepers

When you sleep on your belly, it can be irritating not only to your back but also to the back. This is because stomach sleepers tend to rotate their necks during sleeping. If you are one of the stomach sleepers out there, an ideal choice of the air mattress for you is one that has a soft surface. Just like back sleepers, a good selection of air bed for you should come with a supportive density and at the same time conforming to the body of the sleeper.

All Sleepers

If you sleep in all the given styles above, the right mattress for you is one that comes with an active support. Opt for an air mattress that does not only help the body effectively but should also give enough conform to the natural bumps and shapes of the body. Do take not that it is also ideal if you place a pillow between your legs if you sleep on the side. If you sleep on your stomach, have the pillow placed under the pelvis to make the movement restricted.

You should never miss this guide if you want to ensure that you’ll get the right air mattress.


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